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JD Greenberg CPA, CA, TEP, MBA, CFP
CPA (Illinois), ACA (England & Wales)

For over 20 years, JD Greenberg has been helping clients understand how the investment income that they earn is taxed and how to minimize the tax they pay on their investment income.  This experience includes a tax-focused 13-year tenure in a VP role leading the development of the tax advisory, financial planning and wealth management capabilities of one of the largest financial institutions in Canada.  While in this role, JD Greenberg became recognized as a leading expert on the Canadian taxation of corporate actions including: mergers, take-overs and spinoffs. Investment professionals relied on JD’s straight forward explanations to provide service to their clients as well as understand their clients’ individual tax planning opportunities.

Specifically, some corporate actions provide investors with an opportunity to reduce their taxes payable in the year of the transaction.  Taking advantage of these opportunities can be very attractive and beneficial for preserving and growing investor wealth.

In addition to helping investors and their trusted investment professionals understand corporate actions, in his VP role JD Greenberg assisted back office administration teams in the development of the information systems required for proper tax reporting of these corporate actions for client statements, annual client tax slip preparation, and reporting to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

It was during this period that he realized that a great number of investors had a difficult time finding a reliable and experienced tax practitioner who could prepare their Canadian Tax Elections, including Section 85 Joint Tax Elections and Section 86.1 Spin-off Tax Elections, at a reasonable price.  Canadian Tax Elections * was created to  help investors meet these needs.

For more information about JD Greenberg and PAISLEY PIKE, CPA, visit the PAISLEY PIKE, CPA website.

Investment Professionals – Interested in Assistance?

Canadian Tax Elections can be complicated matters. Tax Elections can be especially intimidating because the calculation details and implications for the client are specific to the impending deal. Making sense of all of that detail is not easy. Bringing the messaging down to something that investment clients can appreciate is the biggest challenge many investment professionals face. Your ability to clearly communicate the valuable tax saving investment opportunities available to your clients, will be key to fostering and strengthening the trust in your existing relationships. Your pro-active communication and opportunity-spotting for your clients will earn you the attention your deserve and help attract and build your client-base.

At PAISLEY PIKE, CPA we understand how important relationships, integrity and trust are. We are here to help you foster those relationships by bringing our expertise to the table. If you have an interest in having a brief, in-branch presentation for your sales team and/or select clients, we will be pleased to come to present materials related to specific up-coming Canadian Tax Elections, we can help you confidently deliver a simplified message, appropriate for your designated audience.

PAISLEY PIKE, CPA is not licensed to sell or provide investment advice or counsel. PAISLEY PIKE, CPA will not solicit business from investment clients. This opportunity is an offer to train and educate investment professionals to better support their clients. Our primary interest is to enable and elevate the knowledge of investment professionals with respect to Canadian Tax Elections. We are here to help.

*Canadian Tax Elections is a service offered by PAISLEY PIKE Professional Corporation, operating under the business name PAISLEY PIKE, CPA . PAISLEY PIKE, CPA maintains professional liability insurance as required by CPA Ontario.

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